Guy Champniss on Social Capital

Social Capital: the ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘how’ and ‘why’. from Guy Champniss on Vimeo.

Dr. Nicholas Christakis on “the human superorganism”

Using a different king of CPR (Context, Purpose, Results)

Adam Perer – Making Sense of Social Networks

Making Sense of Social Networks – Adam Perer talks at MIT CSAIL from Adam Perer on Vimeo.

Connected Citizens: The Power, Potential and Peril of Networks

Thanks to the Knight Foundation:

Connected Citizens: The Power, Potential and Peril of Networks from Knight Foundation on Vimeo.

Phoning it in: 10 mobile apps for social good

Everyone concerned with increasing social impact should welcome every attempt to make it easy for people to give. That’s why we should thank the army of techies for using their immense powers for social good – and for developing ways to make giving efficient.

Technology is best when it brings out the best in us, which is we love to see smart ways to improve the giving and responsible lifestyle at 10 mobile apps for social good.

Active givers can donate by texting using mGive, donate by shopping using CauseWorld, and donate food from a smart phone using MobileRice. Check the list because there are several other fantastic apps with more complex selling propositions (ever hear of “micro-volunteering“?).

The upside of growing market of apps that enable givers the power to improve the world with their smart phone is that it is easier. Little windows of down time on the bus, in check out lines, or during boring lectures can not be giving time.

If there is any downside it’s that technologists do not offer their apps on all platforms. It’s bewildering why an app would only be available on iPhone when Android phones are so common.

That’s a small complaint. All things said we’re happy to see it as a good thing when donors are “phoning it in.”

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