A world that works for all


Yielding Assets, LLC was established by Chris Stewart in 2009 as a grassroots consultancy out of necessity more than anything. On one side there was a¬†healthy appetite for equity-driven innovation in the Twin Cities’ nonprofit sector, and at the same time, there were plenty of bright, insightful, experienced consultants to were untethered to any one organization.

Thus, the idea was born. Could we build a decentralized – but highly connected – network of thought partners dedicated to building better help systems to address the needs of our communities?

We answered: yes.

Our first client asked us for help with engaging marginalized communities where trust was low and need was high. We soon discovered that many other organizations also struggled to maximize their social impact.

Our consultancy is actually a collaborative of gifted and energetic professionals with track records for results in nonprofit leadership, group ideation, community organizing, issue advocacy, and the analysis of human networks.

We build regenerative social entities that self-fund to the greatest extent possible and rely less on donative capital. This is our way of contributing to the causes of smart giving, increasing the power of generosity, and ultimately changing the world.